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Caravaca G, Le Mouélic S, Mangold N, L’Haridon J, Le Deit L, Massé M.  2020.  3D digital outcrop model reconstruction of the Kimberley outcrop (Gale crater, Mars) and its integration into Virtual Reality for simulated geological analysis. Planetary and Space Science. 182:104808.
Caravaca G, Mangold N, Le Mouélic S, Le Deit L, Gasnault O, Rivera-Hernandez F, Fedo C, Edgett K, Wiens R.  2020.  Characterization of Small Sedimentary Structures in Rocks of the Glen Torridon Region (Gale Crater, Mars) Using Photogrammetry. 51st Lunar and Planetary Science Conference.
Le Mouélic S, Enguehard P, Schmitt HH, Caravaca G, Seignovert B, Mangold N, Combe J-P, Civet F.  2020.  Investigating Lunar Boulders at the Apollo 17 Landing Site Using Photogrammetry and Virtual Reality. Remote Sensing. 12:1900.
Le Mouélic S, Schmitt H, Caravaca G, Mangold N.  2020.  Investigating Lunar Boulders Using Photogrammetry and Virtual Reality. 51st Lunar and Planetary Science Conference.
Zambon F, Carli C, Altieri F, Combe J-P, van der Bogert CH, Pöler C, Hiesinger H, Le Mouélic S, Mangold N, Caravaca G et al..  2020.  Spectral and morpho-stratigraphic units integration on Apollo basin and Leibnitz/Von Karman craters on the Moon. European planetary science congress. :EPSC2020–905.
Caravaca G, Mangold N, Le Deit L, Le Mouélic S, Dehouck E, Gasnault O, Edgett KS, Rivera-Hernández F, Fedo CM, Wiens RC.  2020.  Using 3D reconstructions of centimeter-scale sedimentary structures to document changes in the depositional settings of Glen Torridon region (Gale crater, Mars). European planetary science congress. :EPSC2020–49.
Le Mouélic S, Caravaca G, Mangold N, Wright J, Carli C, Altieri F, Zambon F, van der Bogert C, Pozzobon R, Massironi M et al..  2020.  Using virtual and augmented reality in planetary imaging and mapping-a case study. Europlanet science congress 2020. 14